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karen sisco
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19 Jan 2008, 07:16 #1

And now here's a moonstruck thread.

This is probably my fave Cher movie of all, its a hard call to make and pick one.

i never get bored watching this movie. it's so simple and so beautiful. i know when i first became a cher fan and i saw this movie, it actually wa the one
cher movie i couldn't watch. however as i got older i actually appreciated it.

i love the SNAP OUT OF IT! that's a classic.

nicholas cage is top banana!!

and Cher is legend in this movie.

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19 Jan 2008, 07:39 #2

I love the part where Cher gets all dressed up for the opera;she looked so beautifulImage

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20 Jan 2008, 12:44 #3

I love everything about Moonstruck!!

My favourite scene is where she meets Ronnie outside the opera house, and also when she starts to cry as they are watching a sad scene of La Boheme.

Cher was BRILLIANT in this movie!!

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14 Mar 2008, 23:14 #4

I love this movie, the love in it and of course it rather a timeless film. Plus, of coruse the scene where cher tell nicolas to snap out of it, and smacks
him... is great.


16 Mar 2008, 15:06 #5

Her accent was fab, too! I liked the part where they go to his house after the opera and he's like "get in my bed" cracks me up every time. Oh,
and of course "snap out of it!" I'm diggin it.

cher luva
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22 Mar 2008, 12:48 #6

You know, as great as this movie is it's probably my least fave Cher movie. But 'Snap Out Of It' is completely brilliant.
ImageImageLove ya lots, KizzaImageImage 

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14 Apr 2008, 07:19 #7

Loads of brilliant scenes all the way through the movie love when shes gets dressed up tho and in the morning kicking the can x

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14 Apr 2008, 17:47 #8

LOVE Moonstruck!!

Snap out of it!

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21 Apr 2008, 11:41 #9

Watched it again last night and I had to comment here again, the bit where Chers having her eyebrows done in Cinderellas and she raises them up in the mirror..
and bless her when her hairs all wet and she pulls that innocent look when the stylist lifts her hair out of her face! made me smile xxx

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22 Apr 2008, 23:24 #10

The "snap out of it!" bit is classic Cher. It is one of my favs. It was the first one I watched when I was 10 or so. I didn't appreciate as much
as I do now! I love the opera bit too. Cher looks so regal and so classy.

Maggie (a.k.a. SassyCherFan)

Saw Cher May 20th in Vegas! IT WAS AMAZING!!! I'll never forget it!