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Please post your reviews and thoughts on the European shows here!
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Hi, I'll post my Paris review here, the next 26th May...

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Hi guys.

Im back again, sorry I didnt write all my news earlier on when i got back but i was too tired after such a long day.

Im sure you are all waiting in anticipation for all the details.

I will try my best to tell you everything, remember though I am comparing it to the Live DVD, so details that i think are new mightened be to other shows across the U.S.

Anyway here goes, sit back and Enjoy..

** The Music**

I think from the threads the thing that you most want to know about is the setlist, and I have to say personally It was a dream come true for me, I had no faults with it at all and I even got to hear 2 of my favourite tracks from the Believe album, it was amazing.

So here's the set list in its entirety Image


1. Still haven't found what I'm looking for

2. One by One (Medley part 1) *Note* She sang practically the entire song*

3. Taxi Taxi (Medley part 2)

4. Love is the groove (Medley part 3)

5. Love one another (Medley part 4)

6. Gayatri Mantra

7. All or nothing

8. I found someone

9. Bang Bang

10. Sonny & Cher Medley

11. All I really want to do (Medley Part 1)

12. Half Breed (Medley part 2)

13. Gypsies tramps & Thieves (Medley part 3)

14. Dark Lady (Medley Part 4)

15. Take me home

16. The Way of love

17. Love hurts

18. Walking in Memphis

19. The Shoop Shoop Song

*New Video Montage*

20. Strong Enough

21. If I could turn back time

22. Believe..

I read that Love hurts is there too, but i cant remember what part she sang it or if she did lol.. Sorry

So what you guys think of that then?

I have to say I was sooo pleased with the new Medley it was just fantastic!!

Taxi taxi and love is the groove, it was a dream to here those songs cause they are favourites of mine.

** The Costumes **

Last night there was a change in costume, again compared to the Live DVD.

Chers outfit when she came down from the top on the opening has changed, she didn't wear the black coat and pants, instead she wore a black and gold dress *similar to the take me home dress only shorter..* this was also with a new Wig that was long gold and black braids.

After the first song she went and changed into a blonde wig and the same dress only now in white and gold.. I mean she had to have the blonde wig when she put on the hat so she could say.. "for my naturally blonde hair* lol

For all or nothing she has another new Wig, its long and black with some braids but has like a piece of hair at the top its hard to explain but again its different to the Live DVD.

When she sings the way of love, instead of just looking jet black the wig looked to have red streaks through it, making it look alot more natural in my opinion.

When she came out in the Jeans and white top the blonde wig has been changed, its now blonde with black streaks going through the front and back, its looks alot nicer.

** The monologues**

After the first 2 songs as expected she puts on the hat the coat and gets the whip.. i was expecting her to go word for word as the Live DVD but she didn't.

She asked if we liked her entrance and stuff, and how the it worked perfect except for one time when she got stuck 40ft in the air.. she went on to tell a story about when she was younger her mother told her to always wear clean knickers just incase she was in an accident, she said when she was stuck up in the air that night all she kept thinking.. what about when you have no knickers on!!!!

"Mom im screwed" LOL Image Image

She said that Dublin was her 203rd show!!!!!

After that story she said that she was never ever doing the touring again because she said if she came back in 2 or 3 years time she would be riding one of those scooter things for old people with her tits down at her knees and no teeth trying to sing I got you babe!

She then went on to say when she was thinking of ideas for the show that there are 2 chers..

good cher and the bad cher.

The good cher wanted to do the show all fluffy clouds and angel wings and the bad cher wanted to make it all sleazy and suspenders.. the bad cher won hands down she said.

She said she had to make the show brilliant because of J lo and Britney.. she first said she liked the girls and wouldn't say their names in the show.. then said "screw this i dont like them anyway" Image

To finish it off she asked if we knew what she was gonna say next and along with cher, 10,000 fans screamed "FOLLOW THIS YOU BITCHES"!!!!

** The Video Montage**

The Movie montage has been shortnened down with alot of clips removed, whats changed though is there are scenes from Stuck on you added in now.

My favourite has got to be the new montage though, its was played between Shoop Shoop and Turn back time.

Its amazing!!

Clips from talk shows where she talks about her wigs, her plastic surgery, getting old etc..

Theres also clips of her appearences on Will & Grace.

Its fantastic!

Very very honest!!

Very very Cher!!

Its a shame that it isnt on the DVD.

** Extra Bits **

There was one incident when she came out to sing bang bang and a part where she was crouched or dancers were, she moved backwards and stood on her feathers and fell on her behind, it was very quick but noticeable all the same lol.. Poor babe!

She spoke about it later on before she sang Walkin in memphis while on the stool.

She asked us did we see her fall on her behind, for those who didnt she told us what happened.

Very proudly and honestly..

She said she had to get back up and carry on with the Show to please her fans then said "Well at least I sing Live"!!!!!

Followed by.."Oooooops did i say that?"!!!!!

The crowed went wild for that!!!!

** The End **

So that was my Cher experience, I really hoped you enjoyed reading about as much as i did writing about it.

Feel free to let me know what you thought about my review, as its the first time i have written about anything in such detail.

It was one of the most pleasurable experiences in my entire life and will never forget it.

It will, like cher always be a part of me.

Love one another

Ray xx

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Wow Ray it sounds like she was amazing last night--as always.

Thank you so so much for "Chering" with us.

I am glad that you had a great time.

I hope that you will be posting pictures from last night.

I would love to see her new costumes and wigs.

Thanks again and have a great day.


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fan-fricking tasitc..omc(OH MY CHER) i can not wait til i see the show..my blood is pumpin thru my veins..right now just thinking and reading this...


glad u had a great time!!

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thanks for posting that! I actually was really suprised she changed the set list, but I'm glad she did... that extra montage was played in the US during the shows, but I never understood why it was on the DVD, so thats good you finally got to see that.

Good to hear you had a good time and thanks for the review

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Any pictures?!?!?!!

Kevin Image Image

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OMC I pray she comes back to the us or at least does a new concert dvdImage

You lucky uk fansImage Image

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that other video montage is not new.. I remember it when I saw the show.... they just removed it for times sake from the DVD

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Thank You very much for your review of the show!

Now I'm really excited and looking forward to see it.

Do you know what merchandising was on sale?