TAPING OF Sonny & Cher shows

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Back in the 1970's did anyone go see Sonny & Cher do their tv series?What was that experience like?

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I can offer tidbits. I have had some occurrences based mostly solely because I live/ grew up

in the Los Angeles area.

My family in the 1970's did try to obtain tickets for The Sonny & Cher Comedy hour, however,

because of it's popularity there was a 3 year waiting list. My mom gave up! ( Carol Burnett on the other

hand was a 2 year list, another highly popular series; for the comparison.)


Also, in the 1970's Sonny & Cher were regular visitors to my local mall. According to a

bakery owner who displayed their autograph on the wall. As a kid, I was

pretty excited to know that. Image


I was a huge fan then- still am today. Probably shows. Maybe someone else will have

a better story to tell. I also have had people close to me, friends, co-workers, who either knew one, or the other

in some capacity. But now that I think about it, never both at the same time, was also always back in the day.


I did see them in a very rare Christmas concert on stage-- was 1976 at the Forum in Inglewood.
I have seen unused tv tickets being auctioned on Ebay -- years ago, not lately. They are so rare, and their pictures displayed, you know the 'globe' image of S&C. TV tickets today are not like that.
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Image Wish I had this opportunity! Image